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Monday, 5 October 2020

Love Hurts


Love isn't always flowers and roses. Sometimes it hurts...sometimes it kills...

Happy Valentine’s Day by Thomas M. Malafarina
The Heart Knows by Katie Jaarsveld
Frying Pan by Ryan Colley
The Time Morphine by Alex Winck
Last Call by Rick Eddy
Jasper, Edith, And Nazareth by Armand Rosamilia
In Memoriam by Andy Lockwood
A Burning Love by Alex Bailey
For Life or Death by Katie Jaarsveld
Abayomi Yorubá by Alex Wink
Pursued by Samie Sands
The Room by Matías Andrés Bravo Jara
I Was Made To Love Him by K.C. Finn
Waiting for Forever by Jaclyn Ann Lee
Final Revenge by Gisela Woldenga
Hunger by Stefan Vucak
Leather by Kayleigh Edwards
The Dinner Date by Linda Jenkinson
Erebus by Michele Jones
My Encounter With A Mermaid by Anthony Modungwo
Country Life by Rob Shepherd
The Tentacled People by Kevin S. Hall
Temptress of the Night by Samie Sands


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