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Friday, 20 September 2019

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This isn't your ordinary love story...

Lara Rogers isn’t supposed to be here. She was supposed to die over a year ago from a long-term illness, yet somehow she managed to make a miracle recovery. The only problem is now she has an endless future stretched out in front of her—one that she wasn’t expecting, and one that she has no idea what to do with.

After she got the positive diagnosis, she moved to the big city where she knows no one to become another anonymous face, but this life isn’t making her happy. In fact, she’s more miserable than ever.

An unexpected night out with a girl that seems to want to be her friend leads to all sorts of new experiences, including one that might even be love...

The only problem is Lara has spent so long not knowing who she is, that she doesn’t know how to act around all of these new people, and slowly things become increasingly difficult for her. She begins a negative spiral into self-destructive behaviour, sinking deeper and deeper until she isn’t sure that she can ever get out.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Head Over Heels (The Smith Brothers Book 6) by Brenda Ford

Head Over Heels (The Smith Brothers Book 6) by [Ford, Brenda]
A shattered heart, and a damaged spirit…what do the two have in common?
An explosive chemistry, secrets, danger…
Falling in love with the girl next door who’s just turned an adult was never the plan!
But she’s tempting, alluring, exciting and I can’t stop myself from being drawn in to her dangerous world.
The deeper I sink, the harder it will be to get out, 
Yet, I can’t stop myself from falling... 
Head over heels in love with her. 
Ellie will create an explosion in my life, 
I just know it. 
But love makes you do some pretty crazy things, right? 
And I’m going to win her back. 
No matter what it takes!

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Blind in Love (The Smith Brothers Book 5) by Brenda Ford

Blind in Love (The Smith Brothers Book 5) by [Ford, Brenda]
I am her student
She’s twice my age
Sometimes…love is just blind
It all started with my fantasy for Miss Clark, 
But that fantasy doesn’t stay in the class room, it follows me home.
She’s my next door neighbor,
I know it’s forbidden…her daughter is elder to me.
I know it’s dangerous…her ex is a stalker.
And yet, I want to lose my virginity only to her.
I’m falling for my teacher!
Good that she is in with me in this game and we decide to keep it a secret.
After all its only 2 weeks before I graduate and our relationship wouldn’t be illegal anymore,
But looks like destiny doesn’t want us to be together.
We are caught,
I am forced to move out to New York, 
It’s been four long years, and I am back – to claim what’s mine. 
But would she still be waiting for me?

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Rock Hard (The Smith Brothers Book 4) by Brenda Ford

Rock Hard (The Smith Brothers Book 4) by [Ford, Brenda]
Freya Brown…
She is simply perfect…
That sweet face with those platinum blonde hair, and piercing green eyes with perfect curves pulls me in.
But I should not be going anywhere near her,
After all she is the pop princess who just tagged along.
But soon, things start to happen…back stage.
And I thought I’ve found my love…
I think my life is coming back in order,
Only to realize that I messed up again,
Only to see her walk away.
But I’m too obsessed to let her go,
And I’ll do everything to make her mine
But this girl just doesn’t know it yet!

Tempt Me Forever (The Smith Brothers Book 3) by Brenda Ford

Tempt Me Forever (The Smith Brothers Book 3) by [Ford, Brenda]
Being with him would wreck havoc!
Angelo is filthy rich. 
Always suited. 
And stares at me with his piercing blue eyes all the damn time. 
He’s everything I need. 
And I want him in my bed. 
But he’s also taken
His girlfriend is a cheating piece of sh*t. 
Angelo deserves better. 
But I’m not the right woman for him. 
“A rock band drummer dating a billionaire!”
That in itself sounds like a joke. 
And also like an unattainable fantasy. 
In this life, 
We’re not supposed to be together. 
But as luck would have it.. 
Our two worlds collide. 
It causes an explosion… and a ton of drama. 
And now, he’s down on one knee. 
Do you think I should say yes?