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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart by Hilary Neiman is being described by reviewers as “An interesting and eye-opening autobiographical journey.”  It’s about mistakes, consequences and starting over – a story that you need to read before making your mind up about it.

“Early one morning in 2011, Hilary Neiman was hard at work in the offices of her own successful adoption and surrogacy practice, when three agents of the FBI entered without warning, read her Miranda rights, and informed her, “This is your Come to Jesus day.” How does one go from being raised in a loving, ethical family and earning an advanced education, including in the law, to being accused in the headlines of joining a baby-selling, human trafficking ring? Eventually, Hilary would plead guilty, but not to baby-selling. She would forfeit her license to practice law, and spend five months in the Atwood Minimum Security Camp in Lexington, Kentucky. Things Fall Apart is the story of a young woman with nothing but the promise of a fulfilled life ahead of her, whose childhood dream turned into a nightmare.”

1. Why did you decide to write Things Fall Apart?

I hope my book and story serves a cautionary tale for people in understanding that every single action could influence the rest of their lives. I also hope that readers take away the fact that all of us face challenges- some are small, others are big, and even some(like the one that I faced) are gigantic. But, whether we have them today, tomorrow, or down the road, there is no getting around that we’ll all have them. Some of these challenges are due to the imperfections and unpredictable life events; others are the result of our own bad judgment. But, we can all get through these struggles and our past does not have to dictate our future. 

2. How long did it take you to write?

It took me about a year to write the book. 

3. What do you hope to achieve with your work?

I hope that by opening up about my bad decisions and the things that I wish I would have done differently, it will help others. And, by helping others, I have meaning and purpose in my own life. 

4. Who is your inspiration?

My family. 

5. Why the name of your book?

In my life, things certainly fell apart. But, the reverse of that is also true. Bad things fall apart too. And, I think anyone going through a crisis or traumatic situation must keep that in mind. No matter what someone goes through, we can always transform that experience. 

6. What type of work do you do now?

I work as a mentor, helping others find balance in their lives and overcome struggle. 

Hilary’s mentoring programme is there to help people out of difficult situations covering topics from ‘Trust: Ignoring the Red Flags’ to ‘Fitness and Diet During Crisis’. Please check out more about the book and mentoring programme at

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