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Friday, 5 September 2014

God Forsaken

After watching both of his parents being killed by the religion of Illumina in the city of Murdon, Hadi and his best friend, Sabir, decide to roam in the Outskirts to commit sin and to break all the Laws of the god Arcas. Despite the fact the Hadi's parents were killed by Illumina, he still used to be such a nice guy performing his prayers and adhering to the will of Illumina. However, after a lot of time in the Outskirts, Hadi decides to take on a full-blown, apocalyptic revenge upon the religion of Illumina in the city of Murdon, using the brainwashing power of the Apple of Hades he has obtained.
Review: This book is absolutely brilliant! It's filled with moral dilemmas and philosophy while at the same time having a gripping plot. The characters are realistic and flawed and the author drives the plot well. I hope that there is a lot more to come from this writer because he's very talented!

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