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Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Grays Anatomy by Rob Shepherd

A selection of twelve short stories from the strange, and slightly disturbed world of author Rob Shepherd. This book is not for the faint hearted! “Though the author is fairly new to publishing, Rob Shepherd’s collection, THE GRAYS ANATOMY, reads like a beloved classic—a modern, updated literary companion akin to all those classic Hammer Horror films so many of us grew up loving. Especially stories like “Jennifer,” “Majique,” and the superb “The Poe Paradox.” Delicious, dark, and unforgettable, likely to be enjoyed again and again through repeat reading.” Gregory L. Norris, Brutal Colors (screenwriter), Tales From the Robot Graveyard
Born in Essex in 1978, Rob's published work includes the poems; "I am only Me" printed in "Forever Spoken" and "Heaven" featured in "The Best Poems & Poets Of 2007" published by ELY in association with Rob was awarded a fellowship into, and Recognised as a Poet Fellow Of Noble House Publishers. To date Rob has written 6 books which include the poetry trilogy "The Human Condition! vols. 1-3", The humorous fictional book "Life With Boris Karloff!", short story e-book "Field Of Hope" and The Human Condition vols. 1-3 anthology book "A Human Condition”. Rob has made several small online videos and short films, all available on YouTube. Rob is currently working on several more titles of varying genre.
Review: Wow....I was absolutely blown away by this cool, creepy collection of tales by author Rob Shepherd. I have already read a lot of his work and am a huge fan, so I knew that I would be getting something amazing from The Grays Anatomy, but it was better than I could have ever expected! I would recommend this to anyone - particularly fans of horror and the unexpected. You won't be disappointed! 

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