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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Opal Charm: The Path to Dawn by Miri Castor

Now available on Kindle!

The lively suburb of Dewdrop is home to many junior high school students, but none like Opal Charm. She struggles with life at home and doesn't have much of a life at school without any friends – until she befriends the new girl, Hope. Opal finds herself changing in extraordinary ways as she delves into the enigmatic life of Hope, the new girl's lies and truths blurring together. Opal stumbles across a world separate from Earth, a world she never would have thought existed. She discovers that she has a Gift, a power that can make her stronger than she ever imagined if she can distinguish the lies between the truths. When Dewdrop is threatened, Opal has to use her power to save not only her world, but the new one and its inhabitants before Opal succumbs to lies and finds herself falling from the Path to Dawn.
Plus coming to Kindle soon...!


  • Features a dark-skinned black female MC struggling to understand herself
  • WoC dominated cast (damsels-in-distress free)
  • Diverse characters with magical powers (who also kick ass) 
  • Diversity in suburbia and SFF setting
  • Explores themes of light and darkness
  • Focuses on familial, self-love, and platonic love

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