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Monday, 20 June 2016

Deborah D. Moore

The Reef Roamer
   Jayme Haller embarked on a new career as a means of therapy after her husband died from a shark attack while they were scuba diving in the Caribbean.  As The Reef Roamer, Jayme did video travel-logs of popular travel destinations that included underwater scenes for divers and snorkelers alike. After five long years, her assignment took her back to very place her husband died and unknowingly into the arms of the doctor she blamed for not saving him.
   Dr. Mark Steele was haunted by the memory of a beautiful young widow with the greenest eyes he had ever seen.  Her husband had been brought to his clinic after a shark attack, but the man was already dead when they rushed him in.  Five years passed and now she was back.  Did he dare admit what part he played in her past and risk losing the love of his life?

( Coming in July 2016, Limitless Publishing
   Adele Michaels is an artist well known for her unusual style of painting.  After her fairytale wedding to multi-millionaire Kyle Polez, she stopped painting and no one knew why, but broken bones and paint brushes don’t mix well.
After divorcing her abusive new husband, he continued to stalk her, finally landing him in a posh Texas mental hospital.  With him safely locked away, Adele fled the area for a remote lodge in the Rocky Mountains, where she was finally safe ... until  the world changed.
   A month after finding solace at the Geo Dome Resort, the country was thrown back a hundred years as the result of a nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse.  No lights, no heat and winter fast approaching.  And that was just the beginning of her problems.
​Coming to eBook in September 2016, paperback release in May 2017.
The Journal: Ash Fall (Book 2) ~ 2014 Permuted Press
   Book Two, continues the survival saga of Allexa Smeth and the town of Moose Creek. While the rest of the nation has begun the slow process of recovering from the devastating earthquakes of months earlier, the small town of Moose Creek is still suffering. The food bank and soup kitchen Allexa Smeth helped established to feed her community have closed, but the community rallies and finds ways to feed themselves, leaving Allexa the luxury of taking care of just her small family. Hope is on the horizon, but still out of reach. 
   Attacked by a vicious few who would take her family's most precious resource, Allexa Smeth fights back with her very being to protect her own, but it's only the beginning of what's to come. More earthquakes rock the nation and the perplexing sudden apathy of the town shocks Allexa into withdrawal when she realizes they are no longer heeding her warnings. The lasting darkness they are plunged into doesn't have anything to do with a light switch.
​(Available now in paperback or Kindle/eBook at Amazon.comBooks-A-MillionGoodreads)
The Journal: Fault Line (Book 5) 2016 Permuted Press
   The saga continues, but not quite as you'd expect... A seemingly minor tremor escalates into a major earthquake, ripping the country in half at the New Madrid fault line, and Christine Tiggs is caught in the middle of it while at a conference in a neighboring city.
   Having spent most of her life spoiled and sheltered by her father, John Tiggs, a mining supervisor who traveled the world, Christine is ill equipped to fend for herself.  Climbing over debris filled stairs just to get out of the hotel she was trapped in was only the beginning of fighting for her very life.  Even once she got back home, Christine was far from being safe.

(Available now in paperback or kindle/eBook at
The Journal: Raging Tide (Book 4) ~ ​2015 Permuted Press
   The world was shaking apart and the North American continent was at the heart of it. An earthquake ripped the country in half at the New Madrid fault line. Shipping ceased and sent the country into a tailspin, with the small towns like Moose Creek suffering the most. Recovery came slow as the country pulled itself together, until another more terrifying quake hit, awakening the sleeping caldera beneath Yellowstone. The ash that circled the world disrupted weather patterns everywhere, blotting out the sun and stirring up massive storms.
   Allexa Smeth and Colonel James Andrews set out to find the rift that broke the Upper Peninsula in half. Finding the colonel's men was a priority, but Allexa and the colonel didn't know it would mean getting into more than they bargained for-and possibly more than they could handle.

​(Available now in paperback or Kindle/eBook at Amazon.comBooks-A-MillionGoodreads)
A Prepper's Cookbook: 20 Years of Cooking in the Woods
   In a disaster, having food isn’t enough – you also have to know what to do with it. 
Deborah D. Moore has been a Prepper for most of her life, long before the term was popular. She believes in being prepared to winter in during the long cold months that she has to endure on the the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. An entire room of her small home is devoted to food and supply storage. Since her house is small it’s easy to heat with the wood cook stove that at the same time gives her a means of cooking and baking her food supplies.     
   Featuring over 100 receipes, author Deborah D. Moore will take you on a fun, step by step journey to recreate the same meals she makes every day on her wood stove using only what she has stored in her pantry.

​(Coming in June 2016.  Available for pre-order at  Amazon.comBooks-A-MillionSimon&SchusterGoodreads)

Deborah D. Moore

The Journal Trilogy ~ 2016 Permuted Press
​An omnibus edition of the first three books in Deborah Moore’s The Journal series.

   After a major crisis rocks the nation, all supply lines are shut down. In the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the small town of Moose Creek and its residents are devastated when they lose power in the middle of a brutal winter, and must struggle alone with one calamity after another.
   The Journal series take the reader head first into the fury that only Mother Nature can dish out.

(Available now in paperback or Kindle/eBook at Amazon.comBooks-A-MillionSimon&SchusterGoodreads)
The Journal: Crimson Skies (Book 3) ~ 2015 Permuted Press
   Massive electrical storms roll across the upper peninsula of Michigan as a result of the supervolcano eruption out west. Destructive lightning sets the city on fire, illuminating the night with crimson skies. 
   Allexa Smeth and her town of Moose Creek are finding it more and more difficult to survive the latest unleashing of natural-and manmade-disasters. Crimson Skies continues the saga of The Journal and takes the reader head-long into the fury that only Mother Nature can dish out.

​(Available now in paperback or Kindle/eBook at Amazon.comBooks-A-MillionGoodreads)
The Journal: Cracked Earth (Book 1) ~ 2014 Permuted Press
   When a major crisis rocks the nation, supply lines are shut down everywhere. The small town of Moose Creek feels the effects almost immediately as they begin to run out of food.
   In the remote regions of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the residents are hit again when the power is cut off to them in the middle of a brutal winter and they must struggle with one calamity after another, with the help of one woman
   Allexa Smeth is their under-trained Emergency Manager, with problems of her own.

​(Available now in paperback or Kindle/eBook at Amazon.comGoodreads)

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