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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Red Hot: A Steamy Romance Collection by @limitlessbooks

Red Hot: A Steamy Romance Collection by [Publishing, Limitless, Madi, Skyla, Valentine, Melinda, Bryant, Kenadee, Dangerfield, Eve, Dahlgren, Heather, Laurence, CJ, Gorman, A.]
Sexy bosses, cheating scumbags, and forbidden romances = RED HOT!

“I'm not a good Catholic girl...And he's FAR from a good Catholic boy.” ~ Into Temptation

“With nothing to lose but my pride, I’ll accept his deal, but his coldhearted playboy routine…not so much…” ~ Accidental Love

“A fiery temper, two sets of handcuffs, and copious amounts of tequila are guaranteed to make this situation complicated…” ~ Something Borrowed

“Her handsome boyfriend also happens to be a cheating scumbag. At least she has a great apartment.” ~ Best Man For The Job

“Falling for your boss is never a good idea—especially if he’s emotionally unavailable…” ~ Want & Need

“No dating the models. No exceptions. Shouldn’t be a problem…right?” ~ Behind The Lens

“Keeping the boss’s daughter safe is my top priority. But falling in love with her definitely wasn’t in the job description…” ~ Rules of Her Sins

7 FULL LENGTH novels by International, and Best Selling Authors.

Authored by:
A. Gorman
CJ Laurence
Eve Dangerfield
Heather Dahlgren
Kenadee Bryant
Melinda Valentine
Skyla Madi

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