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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Magic Realized and Other Poems on the Human Spirit by Louis Alan Swartz

You are much more beautiful than you ever imagined.
You are wiser, more compassionate and of greater use than, in many cases, you have been taught to believe. Your dreams matter. Your personal pursuit of happiness matters. You matter.
You are an immortal spiritual being. You have a unique, personal magnificence. It is my viewpoint that poetry is a concentrated and direct language with which that special wonder that is you can be addressed and drawn out.
This book is about your capacity to love; to be amazed and astonished. It’s about the unacknowledged grace that you possess. It concerns your native potential to create.
This book was written with the purpose of communicating to the untapped magic inside of you; the special personal artistry that belongs to you.
My intention in writing this book was to speak to the miracle that is you.
Much Love,
“Louis Alan Swartz writes beautiful and meaningful poems about life, death, immortality, spirituality and living … he often touched me deeply with his sentences. I had tears in my eyes while I was reading…I read these poems all in one sitting, I was completely spellbound and loved every single one of them.” -- Suze Lavender, Reviewer
“...when I find poetry that I like, it tends to stay with me. Such is the case with this book. It is filled with moving poetry that you can relate to, and understand, and truly feel. Filled with beautiful imagery and positive energy, these poems paint a picture in the mind’s eye …You will easily find comfort from the poems on these pages.” Angela Gibbs, Reviewer
“The reason why I never fully grasped poetry is clear now after reading Louis Alan Swartz—I was reading the wrong kind. This is my kind of poetry…because the poetry is written in a way that I can read it and understand.” —Phetra Novak, Reviewer
“This may be an anthology of poems—but it is also the manifestation of life—the beautiful journey of life—from all perspectives and from all angles. It is a saga of that immortal soul.” --Jayasre Roy, Reviewer from India
Review: You may have seen my posting about this book on Instagram as I was reading it, and that's because I really enjoyed it. This is a book of really touching poems. I read a lot of them with my daughter because I thought there were some truly important messages within them and she loved it too. Even if you think poetry is not for you, there will be something for you in this book. 

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