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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Thirteen 3

Thirteen Vol. 3: The Never-Ending Nightmare
Welcome back for thirteen more tales of terror! Be prepared for another venture into horror, with 13 spine-tingling tales by some of the best writers in the business. From killer clowns to hungry werewolves, supernatural entities, a haunted house sci-fi procedural and someone who has a hidden secret, to bloody horror, dark comedy and nail-biting frights, there is bound to be something in here to chill you to the bone. Thirteen Vol. 3 is the last to feature the clown for a while, but don't worry - it will be back to wreck bloody vengeance in a new trilogy soon. Compiled by Kevin Hall, who has written Klown III, The Haunted Cellar, The Bone Pit and The Puppet Maker, it also features top writers and stories by Alex Winck, Rob Shepherd, Robert Rumery, Lori Safranek, Samie Sands, Katie Jaarsveld, CL Raven, Michael Carroll and Jack Strange.

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