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Friday, 17 January 2014

Interview with Nicholas Scott Lilly

“I have been writing horror stories for as long as I have been able to string words together. My lifelong love of Jason Voorhees the Crystal Lake slasher horror fiend from the Friday the 13th movies has kept me interested in blood, gore, and dead camp counselors ever since I was a young child.
Growing up I never cared much for sports, cars, or the traditional cartoons for a child, the first movie I ever saw in theaters was Childs play and I was hooked from then on. Non stop reading and story telling my parents had to take a different approach to punish me. I could without a TV or video games and I sat quietly and smugly as they took them away but eventually they caught on and when my books started being confiscated I started straightening up….or at least being more sneaky about things.
Writing is all I could ever do with my life anything else would just be a fall back, something to pay the bills until writing paid off and even if I never made a cent doing so I will never stop.
Thirteen horrific tales that will not only keep you up at night but make you second guess everything you thought you knew. Inside these pages is a world of the unknown a fear that you never knew existed. You will think twice about every day encounters after reading Mirror mirror, the phones that you revolve your life around might not be your obsession after you experience Technical difficulties, Taking a family trip to the carnival may seem harmless, carefree, family fun but you’ll think again once The dark man cometh. These and many more are what you have waiting for you in between the pages of Where we come to die.”
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