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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Monster Attack Author Interview: Cecilia H.Doldan

I was born during the Argentinian dictatorship in 1977, in the city of Buenos Aires. My parents were both the children of immigrants who emigrated to Argentina during and after WW2. My education was focused in Humanities, I´m fluent in 5 Languages and studied Philosophy and Journalism. I have worked as a teacher, translator and English interpreter. As a journalist I’ve written articles for publications all over the World, from Planeta Urbano ( to Trax (, starting at legendary heavy metal magazine from Argentina Madhouse when I was only 16; Italian Soul fanzines such as La Pelle Nera, Interactive DVD magazines like GAZ mag or the prestigious FACT magazine in the UK ( I have worked as an Editor at Danceworld Magazine, Ediciones Dorsitel (now subsidiary of Editorial Planeta) and Vice magazine. I have interviewed artists as diverse as the Chemical Brothers, Jeff Mills or Ryuichi Sakamoto and organized press conferences for Hip Hop legends such as Grandmaster Flash, Q-Bert or Rob Swift.
I have produced art exhibitions in collaboration with Exposed (, Levi’s Antidote, the project 24 London ( and Shoot Experience ( a joint effort with London’s Tate National Gallery.
I have also worked as Press Manager for several venues in Barcelona, among them City Hall, Otto Zutz, Le Kashbah, Club Catwalk, Danzatoria, Sidecar, RAUM, and Bugged Out! At the Razzmatazz. Eventually I became artistic curator of many such venues and booked both the DJs and Live acts that performed in them. I have been doing this until today through my own company La Rèsistance.
For the past 5 years I have devoted myself to writing, from articles in popular newspapers and magazines to all sorts of copywriting and ghost writing. However, I still promote events, book artists and write my own poetry, which is featured in my blog
I´m now looking forward to publishing my bilingual poetry anthology.
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