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Monday, 1 December 2014

Monster Attack Author Interviews: M.J. Hamblin

Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?
I’m a freelance writer and video producer… I guess. I just left an utterly unfulfilling job making sandwiches in order to make use of an above average affinity for written English and a piece of paper alleging I have a degree in Film and Television Production.
I’m trying a lot of different stuff, writing and video wise, I can’t quite judge if any of it is working yet.
Can you please describe your story in Monster Attack?
Jacob is running drugs for the mob with a bleeding stump of a pinky finger and a head full of Clint Eastwood quotes. In a bid to hide from the law he takes an abandoned back road through an untouched forest. A fateful encounter with a buck elk leaves him stranded in the woods with his drug addled wits and a .357 magnum. Limping through the night he feels the forest closing in around him. Is it the drugs, the paranoia or the forest itself that’s making his blood run cold?
It’s a psychological tale with creepy imagery and a questionably reliable narrator.
How do you think you think you would fare against the monster featured in your story?
To be honest, not well. The thing about Horn Face and its siblings is that you’d normally have no good reason to expect to defend yourself against him. Even when you step deep into the forest and you’re all alone and feeling the woods closing in you are terrified but you’re not steeling yourself against a 9ft tall eldritch abomination. You’ll tell yourself you’re paranoid, that its all a trick of the light. You should trust your instinct to flee. Despite having dreamt them up my shock at these disgusting creatures hunting me down in the night would give them the brief chance they needed. I’d spend the rest of eternity rotting in some dank, wild forest.
What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on some factual articles for and continuing to add to my YouTube channel after finishing a month of daily 60 Second horror reviews. By the New Year I’m debuting a new show Whats the Worst you Got? where I hunt down the worst films the internet has to offer and its more positive counterpart Why Aren’t you Watching..?
At some point I’ll also be finishing my NaNoWriMo, which is nowhere near 50,000 words, A Very English Zombie Invasion. Six months after the dead have wiped out most of England a quaint little village wages a cold war against their zombie neighbours across the river. It’s a powder keg; neither side can survive while the other “lives”.
Where can people find out more about you?
I pimp YouTube videos, writing opportunities and video production tips and sundry ramblings of my own at
I review the good and bad of cult film, try to launch the odd meme and operate the 2nd most popular The Walking Dead themed choose your own adventure game (of the two that exist),The Sensible Dead, at
Monster ebook 

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