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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Wild Thing by Kim Cormack

After many years lost in places void of humanity, Grey found her. He introduced her to a partially immortal family. She’d been saved in so many ways by the Ankh. They were the family that she had always been destined to find. They would teach her to embrace the dragon that resided within her. She would learn that both the dark side of her spirit and light were equally important. Lexy of Ankh was a weapon, unmatched by any member of the other clans. She would fight for all that is good even though most of time her heart remained lost in the darkness. Greydon tried to be her handler, but Lexy of Ankh was meant to be a WILD THING.
Review: loved this book! It's a paranormal romance like no other - one with comedy, horror, gore and a main character with so much depth that she's actually relatable, despite her crazy situation. Once I'd finished reading, I was desperate for more, so I'm glad to learn that Lexy is actually a spin off from another series!

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