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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp

"Ingenious and funny . . . Magnificent." -- Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen and V for Vendetta

Jack Sparks died while writing this book.

It was no secret that journalist Jack Sparks had been researching the occult for his new book. No stranger to controversy, he'd already triggered a furious Twitter storm by mocking an exorcism he witnessed.

Then there was that video: forty seconds of chilling footage that Jack repeatedly claimed was not of his making, yet was posted from his own YouTube account.

Nobody knew what happened to Jack in the days that followed -- until now.

"Wow. Seriously hard to put down." -- M. R. Carey, author of The Girl With All the Gifts

Review: By now you have probably already seen how much I've ranted about how amazing this book is! The characters are so well written, and the way that the plot unravels and the secrets reveal themselves kept my hooked until the very last page - this is a 'stay up until 2am just to finish it' type of book. Jack's mysterious search into the supernatural is a really exciting one, and I was over the moon to learn that there will be more. I seriously hope this book is turned into a film!

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