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Sunday, 4 June 2017

TKO Series by Ana Layne

TKO Series: Books 1-4 by [Layne, Ana, Publishing, Limitless]
T.K.O - BOOK #1

Regan Montgomery's life changed in an instant…One minute you think you know someone, and the next minute, they’re a stranger. When Regan was forced to make a decision, she ended up alone. All. Alone.

One step inside a gym was all it took. The ring became her escape. She was more determined than ever to move on and forget her old life. That was, until she saw those blue eyes.

Garrett Johnson wants nothing more than to spend his time training and dominating in the ring.

It's what he's good at.

It's what he does.

He has no time, or desire, to be entangled in a relationship. But after one look at Regan, his whole world shifted. He needs her, he needs to know her, only its not so easy. This may be a fight he can’t win. Will he be able to win Regan over? Or will it end in a total knock out?


Lance Borel is a man who knows what he wants…He wants to fight.

Since his mother became ill, fighting and being in the ring is the only thing that gives him peace of mind. The one thing he feels like he can control in life.

Hilary Vaughan is the kind of girl who isn’t sure what she wants…

Because she’s never had to want for anything. Coming from a rich family, all her wants and needs are quickly fulfilled. Now she’s just looking for fun in the most typical place.

But one night everything changes…for the first time in his life he believes he’s finally found something else worth fighting for. Her.


Ruston McGregor is Tamilyn Hudson’s best kept dirty secret…Being best friends since birth, they do everything together and their bond is strong. Nothing can keep them apart, until Ruston’s cousin Austin moves to town.

Austin Moran is the bad boy every girl dreams about, but he’s not one to settle down…He moves to Houston to start a new phase of his life, hoping the move will be the fresh start he needs to help keep him on the straight and narrow. Deciding to join Lou’s Gym, he figures fighting legally will keep him out of trouble. With persuasion, he convinces Ruston to join him.

Ruston can have any girl he wants…

But when the one he wants begins to cozy up to his cousin, it tears him apart. He’s waited so long to tell her, and now it’s too late…or is it?


Austin Moran knows a thing or two about hardships…After his cousin stole the girl he thought would be his, life delivered another crushing blow, and he lost his right arm in an accident. As a fighter, it was hard to say which loss was more devastating. One thing is for sure, though—life sure hasn’t been what he expected.

Paige Holden is fresh out of nursing school and living her dream…Former acquaintances, Paige and Austin are out with friends one night when their paths cross again. Pleased by the unexpected reunion, they quickly fall into an easy conversation.

But Paige is keeping one secret—despite feeling unexpectedly comfortable with Austin, she’s not ready to reveal she has a four-year-old daughter by a guy who skipped out when he learned she was pregnant.

With the odds stacked against them, it’s a struggle to rebuild their lives…

Paige is relieved that Austin isn’t bothered when he finds out about her daughter. But what does bother him is the difficulty of trying to build a relationship when he no longer knows who he is or where his life is headed. Paige wants to support Austin in pursuing his dreams…if he can only figure out what they are.

Is there any hope he can still pursue the only path he’s ever known? And can their love possibly survive if life decides to deal them one more dirty sucker punch?

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