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Monday, 3 July 2017

BattleMaster by @NathanielDanes

BattleMaster (The BattleMaster Corps Book 1) by [Danes, Nathaniel]
It's a women's army, men are privileged to catch bullets in it.

Private Michael Stanner is continuously reminded of that fact but he refuses to give up. He will fight for victory and the chance to become something more. That is, if he can avoid getting killed on New Calcutta.

Members of the all-female BattleMaster Corps are the elite warriors of the modern battlefield. Their naturally superior multitasking abilities allows them to control teams of drones in combat more effectively than any man through neural links.

The Corps is the cornerstone of the American colonists' decades long struggle for dominance in the Eden System. As three powers fight for control of a terraformed world left vacant by the mysterious disappearance of the Indian colony ship, questions linger about the true motivation for the war.

Review: This is an awesome war novel with a difference. If you have ever wondered what it'd be like if women ruled the world, then this give you an insight into it since women run the army! I love this author anyway, so I was very excited to read this book and it didn't disappoint. Highly recommended. 

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