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Friday, 14 July 2017

Synchronicity by Elizabeth Roderick

Justin and Liria struggle to get their lives together as rivals try to tear them apart…

Justin Flaherty’s first art opening was a massive success, and he immediately lands another show in New York. The critics call him a genius, and buyers are lining up for his paintings. But Justin doesn’t care about fame and fortune. All he wants is to have Liria Czetski by his side. No matter how faithful a friend she is, though, she can’t possibly be interested in him. She only likes women.

Some see the young, schizophrenic genius as an easy target…

Justin’s estranged mother is suing to take control of his financial affairs, and his talent manager, Arty Kopanis, seems to have ulterior motives. She’s a gun-toting, drug-running mob boss who acquired Justin’s contract through a shady deal. She’s also Liria’s ex-girlfriend. Arty thinks Justin and Liria have a romantic relationship, and she’ll do anything to get Liria back—especially if she can make some money on the side.

A multi-billionaire art magnate sees Justin’s work and schemes to take control of his career…

But is he just someone else out to exploit Justin? Caught in a riptide of motives he doesn’t understand, torn apart by forces he can’t control, Justin’s mental health begins to deteriorate. He doesn’t know what’s real, or who to trust. But he must find the truth and take the reins of his life, before he loses his mind, his career, and the woman he loves.

When fates collide, lives can change forever. Synchronicity is a powerful force.

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