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Saturday, 26 August 2017

A Bloody Road to Nowhere and Tales from the Apocalypse by @JoannaPrototype

The world has gone to hell. The dead are not dying, and humans have just taken a quick drop down the food chain. Everyday life has turned into a fight for survival as resources diminish. This is the harsh and unforgiving world in which Ury has found herself. 

After being evacuated to a militarized refugee camp, Ury finds comfort in the company of a friendly solider, but when the military begins to lose control, things spiral out of hand quickly and Ury is forced to fight her way to safety. What she quickly learns, however, is that in this new world, nowhere is safe and not all the monsters are corpses.
Forced into slavery and brought to her lowest point, Ury must decide how far she is willing to go to survive. Her life may have become a bloody road to nowhere, but she will be the one behind the wheel.

Stick around for Tales from the Apocalypse. A collection of brief tales of terror and gore from within the zombie apocalypse including Totaled, Run Mr. Johnson Run for Your Life, Wretched Spawn, There Is No Coming Back, and Only Fools Die in Love.

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