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Monday, 21 August 2017

If you knew her by @emily_elgar

If You Knew Her: A heart-stopping psychological thriller that will have you hooked by [Elgar, Emily]
'Emotionally charged and tautly plotted . . . a stunning example of psychological suspense' Clare Mackintosh, bestselling author of I See You.
The perfect life?
Or the perfect lie . . .

Cassie had it all - the fairytale wedding, the stunning home, the perfect husband. But when she arrives on the intensive care ward at St Catherine's hospital in a coma, it soon becomes clear that she has a secret; a secret that changes everything.
Alice, the chief nurse on the ward begins to feel a connection with Cassie and can't help but wonder if things are not quite as they seem.
Frank, another patient, can hear and see everything around him but cannot communicate. He understands that Cassie's life is in danger and only he holds the truth, which no one can know and he cannot tell . . .
If You Knew Her is a gripping, heart-stopping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of The Couple Next DoorI See You and Behind Closed Doors.
Review: Oh wow, this is a thriller that really tugs at the heart strings. Told from the POV of three people the story unfolds itself in a very unique way. Alice is the nurse with a heart of gold on the high dependency unit who has struggles with her family life - I loved how relatable she is. Then there's Frank, a patient who is locked in a body that won't work, but his brain is just fine. Not only is he having a hard time reflecting on all the mistakes that he's made in his life, he's also the key to unlocking the who done it mystery, if only he can find a way to communicate in time. Finally, there is Cassie who is seemingly the victim of a crime. Her perfect life quickly unravels as all is exciting mystery that kept me guessing right until the end. This is an awesome debut novel!

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