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Friday, 5 June 2015

Falling Snow by Graysen Morgen

Dr. Cason Macauley, a high-speed trauma surgeon from Denver, quietly spends two months a year in the snow covered mountains of Aspen working in the ER on a rotation between multiple hospitals in the state. She is beginning her third year on the rotation and looking forward to two peaceful, easy months when she is practically plowed by a beautiful woman on the sidewalk outside of a ski shop.
Adler Troy is a professional snowboarder who has time for nothing but the snow. When the stress builds from too many sponsor obligations and a failing marriage, she finds herself in the ER with a concussion from a snowboarding accident.
The last thing Cason wants is to fall for a straight married girl who lives life on the edge of a snowboard. Adler doesn’t realize what’s right in front of her until it’s gone, but will it be too late? 
Review: I really loved everything about this book. Graysen Morgan has created brilliantly crafted characters that reveal increasingly more of themselves as the story line develops, and by the last page I felt like I really knew Alder and Carson well. This is a sweet, romantic story set in the mountains. Of course, there are complications along the way, but true love never runs smoothly! Highly recommended.

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