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Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Replacement by Patrick Redmond

Everyone envies the Randalls: beautiful, accomplished and high-flying, their lives are almost too good to be true.
No one envies Stuart. A tough childhood has left him making his way as best he can, vowing to lose a bit more weight and become a bit more successful.
But a chance encounter sets in motion a series of events which will shatter everything. Some will think they've lost, others will think they've won, but none of them will be prepared for the final catastrophe of jealousy, betrayal and agonizing justice.
They should never have invited Stuart in - and he should never have trusted them.
A brilliantly assured psychological thriller that builds tension with such power and conviction, you will feel as if you are there with them, fighting for a say. 
Patrick Redmond was born in Essex in 1966. After attending school in Essex and the Channel Islands he completed a Law degree at Leicester University and then a Masters at University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He spent ten years working in the City of London specialising in Commercial and EU law, before leaving to become a full time writer. His novels have hit the bestseller lists in the UK, Germany and Italy, and have been translated into fifteen languages. Patrick lives in West London.
Review: Oh my God! The Replacement is an amazing, twisted, complex story with narcissistic parents, confused and frightened adults who haven't managed to grow up and a hospital mistake which turns everyone's lives around. Being mixed up at birth is bound to lead to problems, but these problems are intensified when everyone in the picture feels like they're the victim, like their story is the worst. Patrick Redmond has an amazing and gripping way of writing which gave each character their own, individual tone. Once I was sucked into the story line, I couldn't put the book down until the final, explosive page.

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