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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

House of Thirteen by Andy Lockwood

Everything happens for a reason... doesn't it? 

Ren never put stock in sappy clichés... at least, not until the day she died. 

She's alive - again - but in hiding, adopted by the strangest of foster families: The Delaneys. Now, part of a sisterhood drawn together by the same unknown force that spared her life, she will begin a journey she could never have imagined: leaving her every day world for one much more bizarre. It will be harder than she imagines, but alongside her newfound sisters, Ren will soon discover that everything does happen for a reason, but sometimes, those reasons are better left unknown.
Review:This book is a promising start to what's going to be an amazing series! This after death book is unique and exciting to the very last page. I really enjoyed the imaginative way Ren found herself in the afterlife - and how her feisty character mixed and clashed with the other members of the house. Author Andy Lockwood has a real creative talent which shines through in his writing. Highly recommended!

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