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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Doomsday...the new anthology is here!

DDAY Cover

Doomsday...the end of the world is here, but how will the apocalypse happen? Will it be viral, an explosion, or simply human nature that destroys us? Read on, you might be surprised...

Home, Sweet Post-Apocalyptic Home by Alex Winck
Antidote by Samie Sands
From Strange to Indifferent by Katie Jaarsveld
Interim by Stefan Vucak
A Forever Kind of Love by Andrew Darlington
Talking Bodies by M. Earl Smith
Where the Water Is by Sheri Velarde
But a Whimper by Rick Eddy
The Countess Consuela by Michael Peirce
On Trial by Samie Sands
Thoughts of Memory by Andrew J Lucas and Natalie A. Lucas
Praying To Die by Fernanda Oz
Nightmare Rising by McKenzie Richardson
The Last of the Regulars by Andy Lockwood

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