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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nathan Riley, The Boy Next Door by Jayson L Amoroso

Nathan Riley, The Boy Next Door by Jayson L Amoroso

Tagline: Every little boy dreams of something… Nathan dreams of murder…

Blurb: A young deranged predator preys on local college girls but realizes that his only match is a seasoned police detective, who’s haunted by the unsolved case of a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped years ago by the same killer. SYNOPSIS: Nathan Riley, The Boy Next Door chronicles the mindset of a brilliant young boy who after an abusive childhood becomes a diabolical serial killer. From an awkward yet gifted boy to an academic prodigy obsessed with forensic science Nathan Riley commits heinous crimes and becomes a deceptive, calculating predator. Using his boyish good looks and charm, Nathan preys on local college girls that resemble his first love. He methodically alters and manipulates the crimes scenes to send the police on a wild goose chase. Les Kearns, the detective assigned to the murders is still haunted by the unsolved case of Karen Geller, the missing 12 year old girl Nathan kidnapped a decade earlier. Can the deceptive killer continue his reign of terror? Or will Kearns finally catch the boy that’s been tormenting him for over a decade...

Author Bio: Jayson L. Amoroso is an American screenwriter, author and filmmaker whose latest screenplay THRILL KILL is currently in post production. His new novel NATHAN RILEY, THE BOY NEXT DOOR is complete . He is currently raising money to publish, market and distribute. The screenplay THE BOY NEXT DOOR was the Grand Prize Winner in the Thriller/Horror category at the Screenplay Festival Screenwriting contest.
It was also a finalist in the All Access Screenwriting Competition. The screenplay has been in development with a former Studio Head, an Academy Award Winning Producer, several Independent Producers and notable Actors.
Mr. Amoroso is the President of PardaRuth Pictures, a Production Company specializing in short films and movie trailers. Recently Jayson was hired to write the original feature screenplay, WINNER TAKES ALL and rewrite the pilot DIXIE MAFIA, a Sopranos type TV series that takes place in The South. Jayson has also optioned several of his other screenplays. He has also directed and produced the films Quitters, The Stranger In Me, The Rivers and September On Stockton Street.
The concept of the story Nathan Riley, The Boy Next Door was conceived after he watched the Academy Award Winning Movie The Silence of the Lambs. Mesmerized by the brilliant character Hannibal Lecter, Jayson asked himself, “how did this man become Hannibal The Cannibal?” He began to research serial killers to find out what motivates them and the subject matter was fascinating. The Nathan character was created to show the evolution of a serial killer's tormented soul and get a glimpse into his disturbed psyche.

Samie's Review: Wow, Nathan Riley is one of the most genuinely chilling characters I have ever read. The plot follows his terrifying journey into a world most of us know nothing about. His actions, his motivations and the plot are gripping from the very first page. I'm not surprised that the screenplay version has won an award, everything about it is unusual but in a surprisingly fantastic way!

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