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Friday, 27 June 2014

The Chronicles of Martin

Blurb: The Chronicles of Martin is about living life to its fullest; rising to the summits and falling to the bottom; faith and its power to heal; and finding a new way to live. There are three stand-alone parts of the book: 1) Martin's memoirs, covering his upbringing in East Texas; his university years at Texas A&M and the University of Colorado; ascent into the world of oil, money and politics; and ultimately his calamitous fall and recovery through faith. 2) Martin's life as an alcoholic and his recovery. And, 3) A collection of thought provoking essays Martin has written during his 20 years of sobriety. Martin's essays delve deeply into the subject of faith, creation and eternal life. This book is a must read for you if you've had to face some of life's most challenging problems, if you have ever questioned your faith, or if you have ever had to rebuild your way. It is not a how-to book. The Chronicles of Martin is a book of encouragement that traces how God worked in the life of a man.

Review: This book is an uplifting and exciting read from a brilliant author. Martin is a lovable character who has experienced a lot in his life, and each section of the book reveals more about him. The writing style is unique and makes you want to read on and learn all you can. Rather than telling the reader what to do, it leads by example and allows you to make up your own mind.

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