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Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Creative Imperative: The Secrets of Success in the 21st Century

Blurb: The Creativity Imperative is a clear, concise conversation about the necessity for organisations big and small and in-between to understand and embrace the sweeping wave of change that has engulfed the business world in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. It begins with simple but comprehensive definitions of both ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation,’ and then proceeds to survey the context in which these concepts have evolved to occupy a central role, not just in the name of success, but also survival. Finally, an explanation detailing the many palpable benefits of creative principles and processes is offered.

• gives the reader a clear and unambiguous understanding of creativity's central role in the sustainability of modern organisations
• offers the reader certainty that creativity and innovation are essential for achieving ongoing profitability, productivity, growth etc
• arms the reader with a persuasive argument, supported by research and statistics, to convince others of the necessity of creativity and innovation for organisations to not just survive, but to thrive & prosper
• sharpens the reader's professional edge in their quest for success and career advancement
• clear, concise and reader friendly
• surveys and streamlines the most authoritative and respected Australian and international research into the importance and capabilities of creativity
• presents evidence and statistics that demonstrate that creativity is not just a supplement to success, it is the central pillar that holds up the long term structure of any organisation aiming for success.

Note from Samie: "This book is a must read for all those involved with business - the ideas, concepts and creativity within it's pages are innovative and will change the way you look at things. 5/5 Stars - highly recommended!"

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