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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

One Minute There by Max E. Stone


Two torturous months came and went 

Detective Bennett refuses to give up on finding his daughter 

Even as the authorities of New England and beyond, trailing the blood in the girl's wake, devised a ruthless manhunt to bring her back 

Well aware of the young woman's fragile state, Bennett is determined to locate her first 

And terrified to learn that he and the officers aren't the only ones looking... 


Tucked in a hideaway past America's borders, courtesy of her only trusted connect as of late, Melissa is sure she's safe. 
That is until the hammering knocks at her door threaten her world, her sanity… 

And her life. 

My name is Max E. Stone and my characters tell me what to do. Not the other way around. Sound weird? I don't think so. 
I've been writing and studying the subject since the age of nine. I put my life into the New England series and am still working at it. Hardships in my teen years shaped my words as I further delved into the craft and everything it entails. I understand how powerful the pen can be and believe that my job is to speak for as well as entertain the people.
Review: Wow. I'm a huge fan of Max E. Stone's work and this is another brilliant book from him. One Minute There is filled with heart pounding drama and thrills and amazing relatable characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone - no matter what genre you prefer - because I truly think there is something in there for everyone. Once you have read this book, you will want to read the rest of this authors catalog.

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