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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Spotlight On: Justin And Robert Dunne #WinterofZombie

Spotlight On: Justin And Robert Dunne #WinterofZombie

Winter of Zombie Spotlight On: Justin and Robert Dunne
Latest Zombie Release
Tales of the Nothing Man
Quick Description
 Separate disjointed tales of individuals struggling to overcome their worst fears, become melded together through the appearance of the mysterious Nothing Man. Each individual story is dark, the characters are flawed and scared, the parts come together to become a group that are still in search of the Nothing Man.
This is like nothing You’ve read before, the writing style varies from tale to tale to suit the personality that is being conveyed and it all comes together to form a really unique book that should be a ‘must read’ of any Zombie aficionado, or anyone who wants to see inside the darker side of the human psyche.
Something Unique About it 
Everything about it is different.  This is our first crack at writing.  We have never been ‘taught’ how to write and we don’t know all the ‘rules’, so we had no biased on how we ‘should’ write a book.  We have used different styles to suit different points of view and have hopefully come up with something unique.  Its something that we wrote for maximum enjoyment for ourselves and any potential readers.
Author Bio
Justin and Robert Dunne are Australian twin brothers’ with beautiful wives and children.  Tales of the Nothing Man is their first novel and just the beginning of a writing itch they intend to keep scratching.  They write to keep the voices quiet and to get the stories out of their heads, but most importantly, they write for fun and hope the readers enjoy the journey.
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