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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Awakened Living by Russell Kyle

Will you live the rest of your waking moments asleep…or awake?
 Consider this…
 This simple guide invites one into the world of Awakened Living. Awakened living is a change in outlook, out fromone’s mind, heart and soul. It includes a change in thinking, understandings, emotion, physiology, social connections, reactions to life and desires, alladding to the growth of one’s overall well being. 
 It’s a transforming way of seeing the world through the eyes of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation, an awareness of the connectedness of all things, and a deep knowing of one’s own part in this magical dance of the Universe. 
 To be awake, is to see life for what it is and for what you are; complete, whole, full of joy and full of unlimited possibilities.
 Take this journey, the lifetime journey of awakening… A journey with no definite destination, yet full of immense meaning and purpose.
 These simple methods outline the basics of the practical spiritual life. It’s but a beginning, yet, if applied, is guaranteed to change your life…from the inside out, inside and out.
Russell Kyle
Russell was born and raised on the central Gulf coast of Florida. He is a devoted father of three beautiful girls and a loving husband. He enjoys aerobatics, boating, meditation, kirtan and spending quality time with his family. Russell's life hasn't been average by any means. After a series of tragedies and years of struggling with addiction and depression, Russell began a transforming change. Learning to turn his dark past to good account, a gift emerged; a life of joy, contentment, meaning and purpose. Today he spends much of his time growing, learning, teaching and fine tuning the practice of incorporating a deep and powerful spiritual life with a life of sound family living.

To contact Russell for speaking invitations, group talks, one on one coaching or with questions or comments, please email him at:
Review: I don't have a lot of experience with spiritual guides but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The author words are encouraging and uplifiting, without being patronising. A lot of practical and useful tips are offered by the author and I would recommend this book to anyone :)

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