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Monday, 23 March 2015

Empty Hallways by Andy Lockwood

Years ago, a fire tore through a small hospital reducing the structure to matchstick and cinder. The hospital was rebuilt bigger and more promising than before... but old memories can only stay forgotten for so long.
With the arrival of a new patient, the hospital begins to experience unexplained phenomena. Rumors whisper through the halls of a girl who leaves no footprints and casts no shadows. A girl who, though seemingly tied to the fire from long ago, is cold to the touch.
Could this new patient be responsible for the mysterious happenings? Can science be trusted to find the puzzling answers? Can answers be found before the screams of pain and horror truly begin?
About the Author: Andy Lockwood owes his continued fascination with the
macabre to a lifetime immersed in the genre. His tutelage began with the stories of Ray Bradbury, Stephen King and other masters; quickly becoming part of a regular routine as he bonded with his father over monster double-features every Saturday. He grew up with role models like Vincent Price, Alice Cooper, The Addams’ and The Munsters. It’s not that he intended to turn out this way; he just didn’t know any better.
As the years added up, he discovered an avalanche of influences that pushed his own imagination forward, urging a necessity to put pen to paper himself. In high school, he got his first job as a librarian’s assistant. While future career choices would shift and methods of creative expression would fluctuate, one thing remained certain: from this point forward, his love of the printed word was resolute.
While pursuing studies in filmmaking, he rekindled his love of writing. The limitations of scripted action brought him back to short story writing and the discovery of National Novel Writing Month. Eventually, his efforts would award him his first novel, Empty Hallways.
Andy has a decorated life of Bucket List accomplishments, none of which he ever intended to do for the glory. They have all fallen in line as part of the adventure his life decided to be. Eventually, he intends to capture the best of these stories in a lengthy memoir – or at least on his blog, Happier Thoughts. He is currently assembling an anthology of his own short stories, and also in rewrites on his second novel, The House of 13, with the intent of public release in late 2014.
Andy lives in mid-Michigan with 3 cats, a runaway imagination and a misguided idea of what it means to be an adult.
Review: I love anything supernatural, horror and thriller so I was very excited to read Empty Hallways. Andy Lockwood captures a creepy atmosphere really well and I was truly spooked whilst reading this book which I think is really hard for an author to achieve! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves horror and wants to try something different, something that's truly scary - this is a standout novel that easily deserves 5*'s.

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