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Monday, 30 March 2015

Min's Monster by Lila L. Pinord

Young Min passes up a chance for a pre-Thanksgiving trip to the city with her parents, never suspecting that this decision will place her in a life-or-death situation. Due to the ferocious snowstorm that catches everyone by surprise, her parents are stranded out on an impassible highway, but it provides the cover Bruno Hessle, a maniacal serial killer, needs to walk away from a minimum security prison near the Quinnu village. He holes up in the warm kitchen where Min sleeps up in the attic to keep warm; forcing her to use everything she has been taught to escape the clutches of this madman. Will she be able to outwit him before her parents arrive and he kills them as they walk through the door?
Lila L. Pinord was born and raised in a small Native American fishing village. Many of her stories reflect this Indian way of life. Her first book, Skye Dancer was published in 2003. Since then Evil Lives in Blue Rock and Min's Monster were published. IN TIME, her latest, is an Urban Fantasy, is now on the market.
Review: Min's Monster is a riveting tale which is told in a way that grabs the readers attention from the very first page. I won't ruin anything about the plot - I recommend that you read the book for yourself - but the writing is brilliant! I think it's hard to write in a terrifying and tense way and this book is a great example if how to do it right. The characters are all complex and interesting and as the plot gathers momentum it's hard to put the book down! 5*'s well deserved!

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