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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Monster Attack Author Interviews: Alex Winck

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1. Can you please tell me a bit about yourself and your work?
I´m a Brazilian nerd who grew up in the eighties, which means I was a nerd long before it became cool, and with even less opportunities to make money out of it. I´ve loved comic books, science fiction, fantasy and horror since I can remember, and I´ve dreamed for a long time to write that stuff. I studied journalism in college because it was the most viable way to make a career out of writing, and it was an opportunity to learn a lot about a variety of subjects, while still trying to nurture my dream of becoming a fiction writer. By pure dumb luck, I got a spellchecking job at a company that published educational comic books for children, distributed for free at schools. Since I remembered loving cartoons, Disney comics and also Monica´s Gang - a highly popular comic book lineup for kids in Brazil, a pop culture icon here -, I took a shot at writing it, and ended up writing almost 100 issues of ir, with one million copies being distributed monthly. I still write some institutional and educational material, but lately I´ve focused more on my author´s work. I edit and write for the online comic book and short story anthology "Tales From The Absurd", devoted to horror, fantasy and sci-fi, recently had my first printed comic book horror story in the "Sinister Tales" anthology. I also have a script for a sci-fi/action thriller, an animated pilot, and a children´s book that´s close to getting a publishing deal in Brazil.

2. Can you tell me about your story in Monster Attack?
My idea was to write a zombie survival story from a completely different than usual perspective. Instead of a character who loved the person who became a zombie and agonized about shooting their brains out, or a lone survivor seeking to cure the plague, what if that lone survivor were actually a terrible person that hated everyone around him?

.3. How do you think you would fare against the monster in your story?
Well, I´d say the real monster in my story is the human being, but he´s good with a shotgun and sharp objects, so I´d still be in disadvantage.

4. What are you currently working on?
I´m about to finish a new issue of "Tales", also putting together three issues in English for Comxology, which recently approved our content for online selling, We´ll also offer the Portuguese and English versions along with other content as an online subscription system similar to Netflix. I´ll also be recording narrations for Creepypastas I wrote to upload on Youtube, plus writing comic book scripts and short stories to submit to various anthologies. I may also soon work as an actor for an independent horror short film that will be uploaded on YT as well.

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