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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Unleash the Undead Author Interviews: Matias Andres Bravo Jara

Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?
My name is Matias Andres Bravo Jara and I'm a 28 year old swedish chilean that loves to travel. This time around I've been on the road for nearly a year and I'm currently residing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Whenever I'm not jumping from city to city, country to country, I take my time to sit down and write and read. I love everything about the creative work of writing and my biggest dream is to be able to reach people all around the world with my words. My favorite topic has always been struggling people in situations that will either make or break them, I think there's a unknown and very powerful element that surface whenever we're pushed to the limit.
Can you please describe your story in Unleash the Undead?
My story in the Unleash the Undead-anthology is my very first story in English and I'm very pleased that it made the book. "The Room" is about a couple taking refuge during a Zombie-outbreak. I played around with the thought of having your loved ones turning dangerous and the dilemma that comes with it, how quickly will one discard the past to survive the present?
How do you think you think you would fare in the zombie apocalypse?
I think I would do pretty good in a Zombie-outbreak. I would quickly find shelter and stay away from big groups of survivors to minimize the human factor. I'm in good shape too but I don't think I'm very good with guns, my aim would definitely get me in some trouble! An axe or sword would probably be my choice of weapon. 

I've also seen a ton of Zombie movies so I got some inside information on how to battle the undead!
What are you currently working on?
I've been studying and working on my craft head-on this year, studying a creative writing course and also freelancing while on the road. I got a couple of good ideas for a novel that I want to focus on during 2015 and I'm very exited to get started on a longer project.
Where can people find out more about you?
I am a ghost in this whole internet-thing right now. My webpage is down and I try to limit the distractions in my daily life. If you want to know more about me I suggest you try to track me down in either Cambodia, Thailand or India. Or South America. Might be heading to Barcelona though. The Caribbean could also be a good place to look after me. Oh, there's just so much to see, love it!
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