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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Unleash the Undead Author Interviews: Jonny Graham


1. A little about me and my work? There really isn't that much to tell as this is all very new to me, but my name is Jonny and I am from Leeds, England. I currently find full time employment in the Print industry, but this is merely a means to and end, as writing is my true love and becoming a well established author is the ultimate dream. My favourite passtimes include gaming, listening to and playing music, cosplay and of course, the pub!

2.  My work in this wonderful anthology is called Ghost. It follows the story of a young man and is set in a fantasy world. Many years ago the world was forever changed when chemical explosives detonated in the centre of major cities, causing an outbreak of undead. The main character, Ghost, was born in the aftermath of this outbreak. Most cities have been divided and walled off into military-controlled zones, leaving the ruined central areas to the remaining undead. Ghost is a runner, a scavenger who ventures out into the dangerous middle ground in search of useful loot, and it is on one of these vital missions that he meets his destiny. I tried to write a story that is both tense and hard hitting, and for the readers to feel the emotions of Ghost as their own. 

3. Well now, how would I fair in a zombie apocalypse? Very well thank you! I truly have no idea, I like to think I could rise as a confident and inspirational leader, a hero to look up to and provide aid and guidance to whoever needed it. In reality though I think Id knock out the stairs and hide in the loft, eating beans and throwing roof tiles at passing dead!     

4. I am currently working on a longer story of my own, and also helping out a friend in a kind of joint tale-telling venture. Who knows when these will be finished, but should time allow they will be coming along sometime in the new year. 

5. Well should anyone want to find me, I am of course on Twitter @JonnyoftheVale and my email is I will always be available so feel free to contact me! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Samie Sands for including me in this anthology, and also all the fantastic people who have taken the time to read and provide feedback on not only my work, but all the mind blowing stuff within! 
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