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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Catch Me If You Cannes Part 4 by Lisa Dickenson

The final part in this hilarious four-part romantic comedy, from the author of You Had Me at Merlot and The Twelve Dates of Christmas - winner of the Novelicious Debut of the Year award.
Just one week ago, Jess was safely tucked away in her quiet seaside home, running her cafe and not really doing much of anything. So what on earth has happened between then and now that has her stealing a superyacht from Cannes marina?
Leo. Leo happened.
Jess doesn't want to believe what everybody is saying about him. He's her Leo, with his lazy smile, soft kisses and firm hugs, and she knows he's a good man. But she can't deny that something isn't quite right so she just needs some time to figure things out. All Jess did was fall in love with a boy who liked Nutella. How has it come to this?
Full of hilarious one-liners, sparkling blue seas and plenty of romantic moments, Catch Me if You Cannes is the story of two friends, a few white lies and one extremely delicious man. WARNING: reading Catch Me If You Cannes may result in embarrassing outbursts of belly-aching laughter on public transport.
DickensonLisa (c) Phil Dickenson
Lisa Dickenson was born in the wrong body. She was definitely meant to be Beyoncé. Despite this hardship, she grew up in Devon attempting to write her own, completely copyright-infringing versions of Sweet Valley High, before giving Wales a go for university, and then London a go for the celeb-spotting potential. She’s now back in Devon, living beside the seaside with her husband and forcing cream teas down the mouths of anyone who’ll visit. She is sadly still not Beyoncé.
Lisa’s first novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas, won the Novelicious Debut of the Year award. Her second novel, You Had Me at Merlot, was also an instant hit with readers who were won over by her wit, charm and naughty sense of humour.
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Review: I hate that this series has ended! I could have read 20 more of these books easily and never gotten bored of Jess, Bryony, Harvey and Leo. Lisa Dickenson has an amazing, light-hearted funny writing much so that I read this final part in practically one sitting! There is nothing not to like about any of the Catch Me If You Cannes books, they are the perfect summer escapism. If course there is mystery and trouble on this holiday, but that's what makes it that much more exciting. I cannot recommend these books highly enough.

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