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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Nark: Greg Sten by Wyatt Grondin

Gregory Sten is an informant for the police.
Kelly Hab is trying to overcome a major tragedy.
Henry Wurz is a reporter who hates crime.
Frederick Dace is vicious.
When Dace comes back into town, Greg finds himself dragged into more police work than he ever expected. What starts off as an already horrible act evolves into a nonstop path of destruction and death, dragging all four of the protagonists through their breaking points. It’s a story of love, death, thrills, scares, a clash between determined good and horrific evil, all told through shifting the focus of the leads. Just wait and see how it all unfolds.
Everything is personal.
Review: The Nark delves deep into the un-glamorous life of a police informant. I like the way it turns crime novels on it's head by telling the story from a unique point of view. The story line becomes more and more gripping as it picks up pace and I couldn't stop thinking about the ending for ages after I'd finished reading! Highly recommended. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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