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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Zavrazin by Clive Radford

Which famous Cold War era British politician suspected to be a Soviet mole, still evaded being arrested by MI5?
KGB Colonel Dimitry Zavrazin arranges defection to the West for his family and him with MI5 agent Craig Faulkner. In exchange, Zavrazin will bring a dossier with him identifying a prominent Establishment figure, codename Arrow Eye, to be a Soviet spy.
In making the deal a reality, Zavrazin becomes subject to a full scale KGB manhunt when he begins his escape westward from East Berlin, his family already safe in England.
After a firefight at a MI5 London safe house, the dossier disappears. Based on what little MI5 know about Arrow Eye, spycatcher Peter Wright knits together disparate information strands, proposing the true identity of the Soviet mole to Faulkner.
Clive Radford
Clive Radford began writing at school, then university but mainly through subsequent life experience.
His poetry has been published in numerous poetry magazines such as The Journal, The Cannon's Mouth, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Now, Storming Heaven, Poetry Nottingham, Scripsi and Modern Review, plus in many compilations by United Press.
A series of his short stories and poems have been published by Ether Books. The Arts Council has sponsored publication of his novels 'One Night in Tunisia' and 'The Sounds of Silence'. His contemporary satire 'Doghouse Blues' was number one in Harper Collins Authonomy chart, and has been awarded gold medal status. It has been published by Black Rose. His spy thriller 'Zavrazin' has been published by Triplicity Publishing. Its companion sequel 'Nexus Bullet' is published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing.
'One Night in Tunisia', 'Zavrazin', and 'Nexus Bullet' have all been converted into three-act screenplays.
His work has a distinctive voice setting it apart, and appealing to those fascinated by intrigue, and who question status quo accepted views.

Review: I have read a few spy novels and always enjoy them, by I found Zavrazin to be more exciting than most! Clive Radford has a very exciting writing style which is attention grabbing from the very first page. It's clear a lot of research had gone into the plot, which always makes story lines that much more interesting, exciting and believable. After reading this book, I certainly want to read more of this authors work. 

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