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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Cherries in the Snow by Jonathan Douglas Duran

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The second book for The Book Review Club members is ‘Cherries in the Snow’ by Jonathan Douglas Duran…
J.Duran Cover
Cherries in the Snow is a collection of ten short stories.
Family trauma, criminals, theoretical physics, murder, mental illness and the surreal coincide to create dark tales of tragedy and redemption.
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Jonathan Douglas Duran is a ___________ , ____________ and ____________ . 
He is the recipient of the _______________ and won the _______________ for his work on ________________ .
He resides in ____________ with his _______________ . 
He is currently _______________________________ .

Review: Collections of short stories can sometimes be hit and miss because there's the danger that some stories can let it down, but that simply isn't the case in Cherries in the Snow! Each story is unique, but just as dark, funny and captivating. Jonathan Douglas Duran has an amazing way of writing that grabbed my attention from the very first word. At some points my heart was actually pounding! I'd recommend this to readers who love horror with something a little bit different thrown in - it'll be challenging to find anything even remotely similar to this!

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