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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Anger by Tiffany Brown

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Blurb: Everyone has experienced it at least once in their life. Some have experienced it at least every day. 

I have traveled all over the world and have seen it in every place. I have struggled with it as well. It’s a family problem for generations. It can be your greatest motivator or worst enemy. 
Anger. Anger is defined by the Webster Dictionary as a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire. 

I will show you not only how to control your anger from a Christian perspective but also have manage it until it motivates you; not hinders you. Get Ready. Anger is nothing more than manifestation of fear. Once you eliminate fear, the anger will be gone. Become Fearless. 

Author Bio: Dr. Tiffany Brown is native of Atlanta has taken great pride in my education and strives to continue broadening her knowledge. Graduating with a degree in Political Science from the prestigious Spelman College in 2001, a Master's degree in Public Administration from Clark Atlanta in 2004 and also a Doctorate in Public Policy from Walden University in 2009, she earned these achievements through determination and the desire to achieve her goals.

She has held positions with the United States Government Accountability Office, Fulton County District Attorney's Office, Georgia Law Center for the Homeless, Georgia Conservation Voters, Supreme Court of Georgia, Equifax, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Atlanta Bar Association. Upon Graduation from Walden University, she has truly impacted change as an academic and practitioner.

Review: This book is a wonderful insight to the human psyche. Everyone is affected by anger on varying scales and I think absolutely anyone can relate to this text. Although it's penned as a self help book, I think there's a lot more to it than that. It isn't patronising, or condescending, it feels more like a friend than a teacher. If anger is something that you particularly suffer from, I think this book will certainly give you the tools to help overcome this. I felt really uplifted by the time I had finished reading.

Tiffany Brown is a wonderful writer and I will certainly be taking a look at more of her work.

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