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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle: GIVEAWAY!


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Caution: Dragons, Myths and Betrayal Ahead!

Plot: Horace, George and Ingle are three brothers aged 15-17 growing up in a time of relative calm in a land once dominated by great battles, called Galray, - an expansive kingdom that stretches as far as the eye can see. The Kingdom has enjoyed peace and prosperity for many years under the watchfulness of the knight's council and the strong leadership of their father, King Reynold.
Horace and George are the younger twins and have shown a strong affinity for becoming knights whereas Ingle spends much of his time perfecting the art of cooking and baking with the artisan chefs throughout the lands.

When a fierce storm raging outside interrupts the brothers from a game of chess, they decide to venture into the watch tower in the middle of the storm and witness the enormous lightning strikes in one of the villages, causing fires that the villagers cannot seem to control.

Later at the council meeting, King Reynold makes the unusual choice to appoint his son Ingle to assist in the investigation that is being led by Roland, the son of another king from the council. Ingle and Roland set out to investigate the scene of the fire and uncover a strange substance with an unusual smell that Ingle can faintly recognize from his time in the kitchens. The next day, Roland anxiously goes out to see the Oracle of the mountains, while Ingle visits the kitchen and enlists his teacher to help him find the unidentified substance. Upon realizing that something or someone had coated the village roofs with a film that burns when wet, Ingle enlists his brothers to help find Roland and warn him that someone is working against their fathers and that the kingdom may be in danger.

“There is a bond between siblings, especially brothers, that is hard to explain – friend, competitor, greatest fan, advisor are all words that come to mind,” says Cumming. “In both watching my children grow-up and in my own experiences with an older brother, I tried to capture the sense of a shared experience of growing up with a sibling. Horace and George, being the younger siblings, relied on the wisdom of their older brothers but also wanted to be trusted with the same level of responsibility – something I could also identify with well.”

Author Bio: H.W. Cumming is a 21st century Renaissance man – in addition to being an author, he is a classical and jazz pianist, a college graduate with a degree in engineering from the University of Toronto, an avid outdoorsman…having skied and trekked all over world – including both Annapurna and Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a successful business executive with more than 20 years in the information technology industry. Horace, George and Ingle were originally conceived by Cumming as bedtime stories to entertain and guide his growing children…The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle – The Rise of the Black Knight is Cumming’s debut novel.

The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle – The Rise of the Black Knight is available for purchase in e-book, paperback and hard cover at FriesenPress.comAmazon.comBarnes & Noble You can also connect with the author on

Note from Samie: This book is an amazing read! The characters are unique and loveable and the plot is gripping. The illustrations are a wonderful touch and I think the book can be enjoyed by all ages - as can the life lessons it teaches! Not only that, I have very exciting news! I have a Rafflecopter giveaway for you all, with THREE copies of the book as prizes! Click on the link to's so simple, you might as well try!

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