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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Escape From Dreamland - TJ Weeks


1. Can you tell me about your new venture - the goosebumps style stories?
Well I’m still doing my regular novels as well, but my kids always get angry with me since they can’t read my novels, so this is a way for all ages to enjoy some of the horror I bring to the table. The series is based on my favorite character “Allistar Shadows”, he’s a vampire clown. Kind of the Devil’s sense of humor so to speak. Book 1 of the series “Escape From Dreamland” releases out 7/7/14. I have started book 2 as well & should be done with it soon. I’m aiming to put out a new book to this series every other month.

2. What made you decide to write something so different to your normal style?
I don’t really want to direct my attention to a certain “group” of people; I want everyone to be able to enjoy my writing. Plus I always enjoy a new challenge.

3. How are you enjoying writing something outside your comfort zone?
It was a challenge at first, but after I started getting more into it things really started to click. I’m really looking forward to putting out a lot more.

4. How is the filming for Satan Claus coming along?
All the filming is done, now it’s just being put together. It was a blast directing one of my short stories though & even though I enjoy writing I’m hoping more go to film in the future. This one will be on youtube for everyone’s enjoyment.

5. You have signed to a new publishing company recently, how are you enjoying working with them?
So far so good. Titan InKorp has really worked hard on getting my novels back out there & releasing my new ones as well. As it goes with any new company, “time tells all”, but so far I can’t complain. They’re putting together a book release video for my Escape From Dreamland at the moment & working hard on putting together the illustrations for my Shark Wars. I’m looking forward to many great releases with Titan InKorp. One thing I’ve learned from being with publishing companies is trust, if there’s no trust then there’s no need in going forward with anything. Luckily I was able to get out of previous contracts that were leading into very unprofessionalism & move forward in this awesome career that I’ve made with the help of my fans.

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