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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Marc's Message

Josée Therrien, a Canadian author has released her "Haiku" poetry book - Marc's Message. The book is published by Xlibris.

Josée Therrien, renowned author has released her new poetry book titled ‘Marc's Message.’ The poetry book provides an exclusive and truthful sight of life and the world today. The author has shared her reflections on life and its challenges with poetry in the book.

Speaking to the media, Josée said, “Marc's Message is dedicated to my father who was a great human being. He always dreamed of a beautiful life in spite of his struggles with manic depression throughout the time he lived. He wanted to see people love and care for the world and be true to themselves. I have kept his passion for life in my heart and in my poems.” She further added, “I want to convey a message with this poetry book. Life is very beautiful but sometimes it can seem dark, but enjoy it and get through it, for what awaits on the other side is a field of dreams.”

According to sources, the poetry book ‘Marc's Message’ is already attracting a number of readers on the internet. Experts in the field are of the view that the unique approach of the book towards life is the reason why it has gained so much popularity. Some of the most loved poems of the book are amongst the following;

‘Either fear will take us over or we will fight through.’
‘It's never what we see, it's what we feel.’
‘The lights are on at home, but he'd rather be outside in the dark where there's life.’
‘When you feel lonely or not good enough, just get through it.’
‘It's the madness in the world that would make it all end, when we're too tired and out of dreams.’

The book is available in Kindle and Paperback on a number of bookseller websites including, and

Author Bio: Josée Therrien is a 24 year old Canadian author who started writing at a very young age, discovering ways to express her emotions and thoughts. She is passionate in observing life, which comes through in her poetry. ‘Marc's Message’ is the author’s first creation; she is currently writing and preparing for her next poetry book.

Review: What a wonderful collection of unique poetry! The author is full of wonderful concepts and ideas - each one shining through in her work. Deep and meaningful, a highly recommended read.

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