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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fortis Momentum

Fortis Momentum: A Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Book of Prayers, Meditations, Thoughts, and Strategies for Christianity (Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Books for Christianity) - by Chris Downs

Blurb: Ever wonder why us Christians are thought of so negatively by so many? Why any of the world's faiths can be brought up in conversation, but the second the name Jesus is said, angry faces emerge? Ever felt the need to grow and stregnthen your prayer life? Don't know how to pray or need to know how to pray better? Have overwhelming stressors and struggles in your life and want to know how to overcome them better with God's help? This book's for you!
From an opening of many types of prayer, travelling into the section of many diverse topics to help stregnthen your understanding of just how little we as God's children truly know, this book's sure to spark up a wealth of thought provoking intellect for that beautifully brilliant and well-crafted mind God gave you!
It not only lists vast amount of Biblical verses and references, but also helps the reader to grasp what seem to be complex sayings in the most simple of terms. There's no need to go too far into trying to interpret one thing or another, as we all know this has led to many people using God's Word to get their way over His Will.
When it comes down to it, God's Word might encompass all things of life, but it's core message is simple. It's living, adaptive, and given wholeheartedly for each and every one of us all to glorify Him and be blessings to all those around us.
But remember: Fortis Momentum isn't your usual book. Not in the slightest! It doesn't even follow any traditional book style or format, and with great reason! It's meant to be YOUR book. Read by you, with the author's insight, but first and foremost for you to take the time to seek God's wisdom and insight into understanding His truth in what is said. It's all about finding God and His will for you and best of all, when times get tough in life, this book has a vast array of Biblical scriptures and strategies to help you in overcoming them with God and His Word as your ultimate reassurance. Think of this book as a friend sitting next to you in private or in a Bible study group, offering what he has to share, but still keeping God and His Will at the center.
Think the Bible's too big a book to read or comprehend? Don't have enough time in the day or simply aren't willing to sit down and read entire chunks of it? When writing Fortis Momentum, I knew that this is a common situation for many, and also have known that no book written by man can ever explain every single detail of what God's Word means, but this book, titled in Latin as the "Brave/Strong Movement" which is what we are called to, sets out to be the most helpful asset you can have in growing you faith in understanding God and His Word; becoming an even more amazing person as God has created and enabled you to be!
Don't just read it...customize it. Break it down into your own unique book and let it grow your faith, love, life, relationships, prayers, and peace as you, being the amazing individual God created you as, needs.

Review: Fortis Momentum is a brilliant guide to a newly found spiritual life. But it isn't simply an instruction guidebook, it's filled with Bible verse and chapters about events that affect us in everyday life. It's absolutely a unique read, the writing style is full of wisdom. Whatever your faith may be, this is a must read - you never know, it might even change your mind on certain things!

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