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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Guardians of the Underworld

Guardians of the Underworld: Underworld Chronicles
by Rachel Tetley and Sophie Playle
Blurb: Two worlds 
Neither can exist without the other 
And one guardian to ensure their survival 
But a family with a score to settle 
Forces one boy, into a dangerous adventure 
Jake Summers is an ordinary boy with an ordinary family- so he thinks. He has just spent another summer holidays building dens in the woods with his best friend Paul. But when someone special unexpectedly dies, Jake is determined to find out the truth, unaware that it will change his life forever. 
He discovers a key to Grandpa’s forbidden room, and is plunged into a long-forgotten magical world, together with class mate Arianna Brown and a strange creature called Noggin. Stormy seas, underground carts pulled by Golden Eagles and a dragon all stand in his way. He must race against time to fulfil an ancient magical prophecy and save the world.

Review: Guardians of the Underworld is the start of what is promising to be an epic series. Jake and Arianna, the main characters are lovable and intriguing and their story delving into the underworld is a tense and gripping one. The descriptive language is visual and emotive, the plot line is incredible and it left me desperate for more!

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