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Monday, 7 July 2014

Wow...another fantastic review for Lockdown!

"Finally, a book that starts before the virus is happening & from a new perspective all the way through, including the thoughts of someone who has turned. It was well edited, which can make a good book an annoying book. & the story was great. It being from someone that is supposed to know what's going on before the public & the reasons why they made the decisions they did. It was almost seamless & the story flowed so well, that I lost all track of time & read the whole thing. Losing my cleaning day to the book. Even the way it ended was a natural finish to the story. Also its not constantly a briefest so you can follow the story without distraction. Great debut Samie! For someone who also spends too much time with her nose in books, from historical novels to zombie books. I find this to be a really good read especially after the same old same old of most zombie books being about almost the same scenario (with the exception of John O'Brien's series which I adore). Sorry if I have formed on, it's my first time leaving a review."

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