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Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Moment with LD Ricard

“I live in Florida with my other half. Kids grown and finally found the time to write and love it! My web site is I am also on Smashwords
I have 4 short stories in the 4 Dark Light anthos with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing. My new novel Rowans End has been published by Barpublishing and has just been made available to buy!”
Rowans End: Laine and her daughter Lexy were used to constantly moving from place to place, but after eighteen years of a transient existence, the death of their husband and father sends them on path towards a dark destiny they could have never anticipated. With no other option except to move to his family farm in Vermont, both mother and daughter soon discover that the lies they were told for nearly two decades are quickly unraveling.
For not only were they misled about why they kept on the move, they were also not told who and what they really were and, even worse, the in-laws who should be providing them comfort seem intent upon controlling or destroying them.

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