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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Q & A With Joanna Prototype

Joanna Prototype is a kick ass zombie writer who has written the amazing ‘A Bloody Road to Nowhere and Tales from the Apocalypse’.
“Well, I am really just a simple writer. I have been writing since I was a kid and started writing about zombies when I was a teenager. I still have some of my stories from back then I have been planning to rewrite and possibly publish. I like writing about the undead for pretty much every reason. I like the blood, I like the questions, I like the possibilities.
A Bloody Road to Nowhere is basically about surviving in the face of unimaginable monsters, both human and zombie. It’s a story about doing what you have to do to survive and the consequences that would come with that lifestyle. More specifically, the story is about Ury dealing with a truly insane life, making friends, and fighting monsters. Tales from the Apocalypse are short stories from different, random points in the zombie apocalypse. Just brief glimpses of the horrors happening in the rest of the world.
I am currently working on the next book in this series, A Bloody Road to Nowhere: Finding Home.”
1. What was the inspiration for your book?
The real inspiration for my book started with wanting to create a character that was believable to survive in a zombie apocalypse, but not because they were prepared for it. I wanted to create someone who just happened to have a life and skills that would give them a likely advantage. Once I had Ury, the story just unfolded around her.
2. Were any of the characters based on you?
I suppose Ury was based off myself. We definitely share a personality, but her life is nothing like mine. I made Ury much more interesting than myself!
3. Who would play Ury in the film?
Not just because I would love to see her do a Midwestern accent and curse that much, but because she would be good, Emma Watson.
4. What is your favourite zombie book and film?
My favorite zombie book will always have to be World War Z just because of the scale that Max Brooks managed to portray the ZA on. He made it so real.
My favorite movie is the Tom Savini remake of Night of the Living Dead. It is by far the most satisfying remake I have ever seen.
5. What is your zombie apocalypse plan?
My plan is just to get out of the city. Probably head toward Amish country. I feel like, if anyone is prepared for the zombie apocalypse, it’s the Amish. Let’s just hope they are welcoming!
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