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Monday, 17 February 2014

Inspired Industries - Get YOUR Book Published!

1. Tell us about your new business venture Inspired Industries.

Inspired Industries is a publishing company for authors out there. We provide a complete edit, format, book covers, marketing & promotional ads.

2. What drew you to setting this business up alongside your writing?

I’ve seen a lot of talent that has gone unnoticed & I feel all they need is a little help getting out there.

3. What can authors expect from your services?

They can expect professionalism, fast working speeds, a build of their fans, more sales & more interaction with the public (book signings)

4. What sort of authors/books are you looking for?

We’re not setting on a specific genre, we accept all genres. Of course as most know I write psychological suspense/thriller, but most authors know I’ll help them no matter what the genre is.

5. What platforms will you be offering to authors?

Our company publishes your work to every platform to include: Kindle, Amazon, BooksAMillion, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Paperbacks & we’re also offering the sale of each author’s manuscript from our personal website. So there is no reason any potential reader can’t find a way to read your projects.

6. What makes Inspired Industries the best choice for authors?

Inspired Industries is run by myself & family. I have been an author for right at 20 years & have seen the ins & outs. We’re not trying to get rich or even make a living off of other authors; I have my own projects & a job for that. We simply want to help others get their work out there to help with their goals & dreams.

Check out or for more details.

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