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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rebirth - Nicholas Scott

1: Can you tell me a bit about Rebirth?

Scott’s best friend Dunkin has always had an obsession with wanting to become a vampire,  and after many failed attempts Dunkin is about to give up, but during a camping trip he finally finds a real vampire that is willing to turn him or so he thinks. Now Scott has to try and save his friend from certain death before it is too late and he is transformed into a deferent kind of creature of the night.

2: What is the inspiration behind your work?

I have always loved stories, be it in a book, on a stage, or on a screen. I am in love with the idea of so many different, exciting, out of this world tales being told. The real life is so boring and short if you don’t add something extra into it you are going to ruin the little time that you do have. I absolutely refuse to live in the real world, I enjoy what I enjoy and I am often told to grow up or stop enjoying things that other see as child’s play but I will not live a dull meaningless life just because that is what we are told to do. I read, watch, embrace, celebrate and write better worlds because it is a life I want to live.

3: Do you ever base any characters on yourself or anyone you know?

No, I used to a long time ago when I was younger but seeing as most of the people in my stories die people start thinking that I didn’t like them. I actually got in trouble at school once because my vice principal thought that I was plotting to kill someone from a story I had written using names of people in my class. Luckily for me the actual principal could tell fiction from real life.

4: What do you think makes Rebirth stand out from competitive stories?

Rebirth is only book one in a ten book series and the story being told spans over so many years that you will connect with the characters and as each books ends you’ll be wonder what comes next until the very end. This isn’t like many books of its kind, luxurious life or evil to the core vampires, they can die, they do have weaknesses, and they do want a war on humanity.

5:  Can you tell me a bit about your short story project?

This is an anthology of short horror stories from many different writers; the brain is just like any other muscle in your body and constantly needs to be exercised. Full length books can get overwhelming sometimes and you need to step away from them time to time but keep things moving, writing short stories keeps the gears turning and the creative juices flowing.

6: What can readers expect from it?

I have worked with many of these writers before and they write some great stuff, the stories that they have produced for this book are wonderful and the readers are going to love it. The stories may be short but the terror will last.

7: Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

I have many, many, many stories going on what I call the back burner. I have two separate processes when it comes to ideas, there is the maybe pile in which I write the idea, and then there is the most defiantly pile in which I write a whole section on the idea and put it aside until I am ready for it.

8: Can you describe your writing style in three words for someone who has never read any
of your work?

Thought out, exciting, and enjoyable.

9: How do you think you would survive as the character in a horror story? Do you think you'd side with the hero or the villain?

Well see that depends, in a horror story with the likes of Jason or Freddy id have to side with the heroes, but if it came down to other villains as in Loki, The joker, or Venom a may have to side with the villain. I have always seemed to like villains more than I have the heroes. I am pretty resourceful so I’d like to think I would survive for a while, but I am also adventurous and would defiantly walk down into that dark cellar.

10: Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

I couldn’t really just pick a favorite author, I read so many books as it is and to single one out, I would change my mind every time I thought about it. Some of my favorite books though are The lord of the rings, Harry potter, the Polar express and I love Dr. Seuss.

If you are interested in often leave little shorts on my page and have updates on the projects I am working on. Rebirth will be out in a few weeks.

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